University of Toledo and ProMedica Health System:
Better Health Education Together

Key Facts: What is happening?

The University of Toledo and ProMedica Health System are entering into an academic relationship that will significantly strengthen ties between the two organizations.

As a result of this agreement, The University of Toledo will manage and oversee academic endeavors across the ProMedica system under the guidance of a new joint Academic Health Center Board comprised of equal representation from ProMedica and the University of Toledo.

Included as part of this academic partnership is collaboration with respect to ProMedica research, grants, and residency programs (including the Family Practice Residency Program at The Toledo Hospital and Flower Hospital Family Practice Residency Program, Jobst Vascular Surgery Residency, and The Toledo Hospital Primary Care Sports Medicine Residency), as well as fellowship, clerkship, nursing, pharmacy, allied health and continuing education. Additionally, the University will provide administrative assistance in helping facilitate more clinical research conducted at ProMedica.

Why is this important to the community?

From ProMedica Health System

It is important for ProMedica, and other health systems across the nation, to engage with academic institutions such as UT because:

  • As a non-profit, mission-based health care organization, ProMedica’s overarching goal is to improve health. Combined with the University’s mission to advance knowledge and enhance learning, the communities of northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan will benefit for generations to come as these shared and blended goals will continue to create a community that is the best place to live, learn, and grow.
  • Nationwide, resources are shrinking while the need for top-quality health care has never been higher. The enhanced level of cooperation and collaboration between the University of Toledo and ProMedica is proactive and provides a strong, more efficient model as we anticipate the community’s needs in this new era of health care.
  • This relationship, though very positive for each organization individually and collectively is truly all about the community; putting its needs before individual needs of organizations or individuals.
  • In this era of healthcare reform, such partnerships will prove essential (in the near term and long term) so that ProMedica can stay ahead of the curve and ensure that the essential elements of healthcare delivery; from recruiting students, to training physicians and allied health professionals, to meeting the clinical and social needs of our community, can be met.
  • The relationship will help facilitate collaborative endeavors to better address critical social and health needs throughout the community. By blending education and health, to address basic needs, more positive, realistic, successful and sustainable outcomes can be achieved for the greater good.
  • The self image of the community, and hence each of its citizens, will be buoyed when collaborations such as ProMedica and UT come together. It is essential that community leaders continue to strive to find common ground for the common good.
  • Combined with The University’s Mission to advance knowledge and enhance learning, the communities of northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan will benefit for generations to come as these shared and blended goals will continue to create a community that is the best place to live, learn, and grow.
  • Such a relationship helps to achieve our vision as a more robust and vital academic medical center.
  • ProMedica will see an increase in the number of residents and students working alongside ProMedica physicians, and broaden clinical research and grants conducted at ProMedica facilities.

The relationship will increase communication and collaboration in our health care community, and enhance academic planning.

From The University of Toledo

This partnership will further strengthen the education University of Toledo medical students and physicians-in-training will receive. By expanding the clinical experiences of UT students under the guidance of ProMedica physicians, we are creating the next generation of leaders within the medical community.

A strong University of Toledo and ProMedica partnership represents one of this region’s untapped resources. We are proud to work together to improve clinical education and ensure a new generation of professionals is ready to meet the demands of the communities we serve in the years and decades ahead.

This relationship will help create an environment for the University of Toledo and ProMedica to be recognized among the top tier medical organizations in the country. Working together will bring increased clinical research opportunities, lead to innovative new treatment options, and ultimately create a higher quality of health care for this region.

The retirement of the baby boom generation; increased access to health care mandated by recent legislative reforms; an aging local physician workforce, and a heretofore inadequate physician pipeline for new doctors are community challenges that require community leaders like UT and ProMedica to come together for the region’s benefit.

In addition, this agreement will:

  • Increase clinical experiences for UT-trained students and residents across ProMedica’s urban, suburban and rural hospital network.
  • Build on existing health education, research and clinical partnerships between UT and ProMedica.
  • Provide more options and greater accessibility to those in the region seeking high-quality care.
  • Create a stronger physician pipeline to ensure a new generation of top-tier, local doctors as current physicians begin to retire.
  • Enable continued recruitment of strong students and physicians and increase the likelihood students will continue practicing in the area upon graduation.
  • Leverage ongoing health education relationships of UT and ProMedica with current clinical care partners throughout northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.
  • Provide opportunities for increased clinical research collaboration between UT and ProMedica that will innovate tomorrow’s medical treatments.
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